Scam – The Latest Scam to Hit Twitter

Another scam hit the Twitterverse over the past couple of days. This one promises 100 free followers right off the bat. It has taken quite a few forms and has used multiple different API-linked apps. The most recent example of one of these tweets is noted in the image below.

Recent Version of Virus Spam Tweet

There have also been tweets mentioning the #Halloween hash-tag, amongst other things. The API’s being tweeted from include: Plus.Follower.OK, MuitaFama5353, HIT.ITA, and gonekmonly.

Despite these differences, there is one common thread. Every tweet includes a either an “” shortened URL, a “”, or an “” shortened URL. The links all lead to, a well designed site that has covered itself quite well legally, it seems.

The site does not work on OAuth, but rather on basic authorization. This is against Twitter’s terms of use.

There is both a “free” and a paid plan. On top of this, the site is covered from header to footer with AdSense Ads. My guess is that the creators of the site are making a pretty nifty profit.

What You Can Do

Twitter is a social network. What this means is that it is up to all of us, not just Twitter, to help solve this problem. So, PLEASE send a tweet to your followers telling them to be careful. Write a quick blog post, send out a quick email note, make a quick Facebook update, etc.

Maybe even link back to this page :P

Update: is a Scam!

The scam is still very much alive, and it is spreading as you read this very post! A quick look at the search page on Twitter confirms that more people are being scammed every few minutes. The Tweets now commonly come from “TITSIDEPS” and include links to “”

My advice to you: Avoid clicking on these links and avoid!

If you have an account there already, you should immediately change your password on Twitter and request that your account be removed from the NewFollow database.

Need Twitter Followers? is certainly a scam, but are there other sites out there that can get you a bunch of followers?

Indeed there are!

I personally recommend Twiends.

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