About The Author: Jared Silver is a teenager dedicated to making a difference. While most of his friends are sitting around playing video games and gossiping, Jared is planning for his future and helping to leave the world a better place than it was when he came into it just 15 short years ago. There is nothing more pleasing to him than the ability to create positive change in the lives of people just like you.

About The Blog: It is my greatest hope that somebody, somewhere – anybody, anywhere – gets some value from what I write here. Please feel free to question everything I say, disagree with me and ask any questions you would like.

I may very well be wrong. If so, feel free to comment and tell me that I am. I’m in this for the long run. So, the more I can learn, the happier I will be. Please do not refrain from being critical because of my age.  If my thoughts are not criticized, I won’t learn anything, and therefore, this would be nothing but a waste of time. All-in-all, please give your honest feedback. I will not be offended in any way if you disagree with my thoughts or opinions. After all, that’s what they are – opinions.

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